Dear Friends,

Partisan politicians in Washington have left us behind and Tom Reed is part of the problem. It’s time the Southern Tier and Southwest New York had a member of Congress who puts people first, ahead of their political party and themselves.

I have served this part of New York for seventeen years. I have worked as a teacher in the Corning-Painted Post School District for those seventeen years in various capacities. I have taught middle school, elementary school, and currently teach suspended students, expelled students, and students out with long-term medical issues. I have also coached modified, junior varsity, and varsity basketball.
It is wonderful to see some of these students stay in the area to be caring, productive citizens. Unfortunately, all too many go off to college, graduate and move to some other part of the state or country, burdened by huge loan debts. Others can’t afford the costs of college and can’t attend. We need to give all students the opportunity to attend college if they qualify, and not be saddled with huge loan debt.

For the past three years, I am proud to have been elected twice to serve on the New York State United Teachers Board of Directors, representing an area from Waverly to Westfield, essentially, most of Congressional District 23. It has been an honor to represent the teachers, school-related professionals, bus drivers, secretaries, and custodians from the approximately 150 school districts I represent.
I was born and grew up in Ohio. My dad is a retired college professor, and my mom a retired music teacher and homemaker. I earned a degree in elementary education and coaching from the College of Idaho, and a master’s degree from Idaho State in athletic administration. I have taught and coached in Idaho, Washington, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, learning a unique perspective on many issues, from many different geographic viewpoints.

My wife is a recently-retired elementary classroom and art teacher. We have two grown daughters, Nancy and Megan. We also have a fuzzy dog named Stanley.

I decided to run for the 23rd Congressional seat because the current representative does not serve the needs of his constituents. He doesn’t serve our needs because he is out of touch with us. He does not live the same life we do, he’s immersed in the world of big money and big politics. We’re trying to keep our jobs, earn a decent wage, and raise our families. The citizens of New York's 23rd Congressional District deserve someone who has walked in their shoes, someone who truly listens to their needs, and someone who will do everything he can to make life better for his constituents, not himself. I am that person. Please join me in this quest to bring our district back to the people who live here, not to big corporations, or Washington big-wigs.

I’m going to need your help, and I look forward to being shoulder to shoulder with you the next eighteen months as we do just that.

Yours Together,

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